Products for Environment & Energy

Building New Energy Systems for Expanded Use of Renewable Energy

The Sumitomo Electric Group has been active in the environmental and energy sectors, leveraging its wealth of experience and technical expertise to achieve a proven track record of successes. This has become increasingly important in the face of the increased introduction of renewable energy, widespread use of electric vehicles (EV), international grid interconnection projects, primarily in Europe, and infrastructure development in emerging economies.

The Group is thus able to bring its business resources and technical expertise as a general power cable manufacturer to bear on helping build energy systems on a global scale.



Solutions to Environment & Energy Requirements

EV Connectors

  • Sumitomo Electric provides a wide range of charging connectors for the CHAdeMO chargers that are being deployed around the world.
  • Whether it may be for Vehicle-to-Home (V2x) or High Power Charging for public charging stations, we provide a user friendly solution without any compromise to user safety.


  • Whether it’s wastewater treatment that combines biological treatment with membrane filtering (MBR), or pure water treatment for drinking water, Sumitomo’s membrane treatment experts can propose high-performance systems that maximise the functions of the Poreflon™ membrane for water and wastewater treatment.
  • This system can be connected to an existing water treatment facility to provide new and additional capacity, on short-time frames and at low cost without large-scale expansion.

Celmet™ Metal Foam

  • Celmet™ is a family of porous metals that have a three-dimensional network structure. In addition to nickel (Ni), alloys such as nickel-chrome (Ni-Cr) and nickel-tin (Ni-Sn) are also used to make Celmet™.
  • Applications of porous metals include positive electrode current collectors for nickel-metal hydride batteries for hybrid vehicles, fuel cell components and electrodes for hydrogen generators, thereby substantially contributing to energy saving and reduced environmental burden.
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Power Cables

  • Sumitomo Electric provides various types of electric wires and cables that are used for electric power transmission and distribution networks between power generation plants and consumers.
  • The demand for ultra-high voltage submarine DC cables has increased, particularly for grid interconnections between electric power companies and between countries, as well as for large-scale offshore wind power generation.
  • Sumitomo Electric contributes to the stable supply of electric power by manufacturing and laying these cables.
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Superconducting Wires

  • High-temperature superconducting wire, which can be used at the temperature of liquid nitrogen, will either be bismuth-based or rare earth-based.
  • Sumitomo Electric’s DI-BSCCO™ superconductor is an innovative bismuth-based superconductor that utilises its advanced technologies such as overpressure sintering.
  • Providing a good balance among its world-leading performance, high quality, and price, this wire has been selected to be used in industrial products and R&D projects.
  • Not only does Sumitomo Electric supply this wire, but it also gives demonstrations and develops products applying superconductor technology with the aim of contributing to the creation of an advanced society.

Redox Flow Batteries

  • The redox flow battery is a storage battery that uses ionic
    reduction/oxidation reactions for charging and discharging
  • Long-life and highly safe, it is considered to be an
    indispensable technology for promoting the introduction of
    renewable energy such as solar and wind power.