Fusion Splicers & Tools

Fusion Splicers & Tools

When it comes to optical fibre fusion splicers, Sumitomo Electric is unrivalled in terms of innovation, speed, and performance. The industry-leading range of splicers offers quick fibre jointing and sets new standards in heat-shrink time. Striving for excellence, Sumitomo Electric has developed patented dual independent ovens for even greater speeds, improving splicing efficiency up to an impressive 80%.

Innovation is key. That‘s why Sumitomo Electric was the first company to introduce the revolutionary and patented MPO SpliceOn Connector technology, which revolutionised onsite connectivity and dramatically increased project speed and reduced costs for the migration of the network. As the major leader in optical fibre and connectivity solutions, customers can expect reliable, flexible and truly outstanding performance. After all, with stateoftheart solutions, network infrastructure expansion becomes an effortless undertaking.

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