SumiCloud™ Technology

A revolution in fusion splicing. For everyone, everywhere

  • SumiCloud™, developed by Sumitomo Electric, is a cloud-based service using IoT technology.
  • It enables seamless sharing of information and data from fusion splicing operations at the worksite.
  • Project managers can monitor splicing progress and quality in real time from the office, while operators in the field can access a dedicated smartphone app to manage assets, update service software, and receive maintenance support.
  • SumiCloud™ provides comprehensive smart management for all aspects of splicing operations.


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SumiCloud™ employs a variety of cloud services to achieve the timely delivery of data and information between the worksite and office. It contributes not only to successful project management, but also to management and maintenance of the splicer itself. Find below a range of benefits to both onsite operators and project managers.

Benefits to Onsite Operators

Improve Quality, Efficiency and Resolve Potential Issues

  • A smartphone is all you need to use SumiCloud™.
  • Designed to support operators at the worksite, the SumiCloud™ App instantly collects splice data and allows you to easily create and submit reports.
  • It comes loaded with functions for solving a variety of issues that may arise onsite, while simultaneously improving splice quality and operational efficiency.
  • It enables you to achieve smart splicing operations and ensure your fusion splicer is always performing at its best.


Benefits to Project Managers

A Comprehensive Solution to Enhance Project Management Efficiency

  • SpliceManager offers an all-in-one integrated project management system for efficiently handling splice data obtained by SumiCloud™ at the worksite.
  • With this system, you can effectively manage all project components, including tasks, operations and equipment, in one centralised platform.
  • Projects are visually organised, enabling intuitive monitoring of progress and quality, thus providing a seamless overview.
  • SpliceManager is designed to handle multiple projects and team members efficiently, ensuring smart solutions to all your management tasks.



What is SumiCloud™?SumiCloud™ is much more than ‘just another splicer App’.
It’s a powerful set of cloud-based software tools that enhance the productivity of your fusion splicer(s).
ComponentsThe SumiCloud™ environment has 3 components:

1. The SumiCloud™ smart phone App
2. The SumiCloud™ SpliceManager web portal
3. The SumiCloud™ services running in the cloud
What can you do with the SumiCloud™ App?The SumiCloud™ App connects your splicer(s) to Sumitomo’s services running in the cloud via your Android or iOS smartphone.

In the App you can…

• Check the health of your splicer(s).
• Use your phone to lock and unlock the splicer(s).
• Update your splicers’ firmware to the latest version.
• Create reports including splice data, images and GPS tags.
• Geotag and upload stored splice results from the splicer(s) to the cloud.
• Capture splicer screenshots to your phone for sending to support services.
• View preventative maintenance messages generated with help of our cloud-based AI.
AvailabilityThe SumiCloud™ App is available for both Android and iOS.
Fitting requirements• Splicers using the SumiCloud™ system must be fitted with a Sumitomo WLSD Wi-Fi card to allow high speed communication with your nearby smartphone.

• Sumitomo’s T-71C+, T-402S, T-502S ,T-72C, T-57C+, T-72C+ and T-72M12, T-72M12+ fusion splicers all support SumiCloud™ operation.
What is SpliceManager?• SpliceManager is Sumitomo’s browser based web portal for remote management of SumiCloud™ connected splicers.

• SpliceManager allows remote management of 1 to 100s of splicers with multiple layers of authority: administrator, project manager and operator.

• The SpliceManager portal allows remote visualisation of splicer and user data via a customisable web browser dashboard.


SumiCloud™ for Onsite Operators

SumiCloud™ for Project Managers

Overview of the SumiCloud™

How to Buy

The SumiCloud™ App can be downloaded from Apple Store and Google Play.

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