Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below a list of frequently asked questions with their corresponding answers. If you have a query that is not addressed, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.


• Where can I buy genuine Sumitomo Electric products from?
• Apart from splicers, what kind of products does Sumitomo Electric offer?
    • Please view our Products page for more information.
• What is the difference between a core aligning fusion splicer and cladding alignment fusion splicer?


• What are the parts that I need to change periodically?
    • Electrodes for fusion splicers, blades for cleavers and hot jacket removers.
• What are the drawbacks of using a fake electrode?
    • Warranty repair will not be applied to the splicer
    • Your splicer may be damaged by using fake electrodes
    • If your splicer detects current leakage from fake electrodes, it will automatically shut down to prevent damage to its systems
    • Arc power may not be optimised correctly

Technical Support and Maintenance

• Who should I contact when I need technical support?
    • Technical support for all products sold by Sumitomo Electric Europe is available from our staff at the Elstree and Milan offices. To find out how we can support you, please Contact Us.
• How often should my splicer be serviced?
    • Fusion splicers have many movable parts and use high-precision optics to view the fibres. Like a car, they require regular maintenance services to prevent parts from breaking and larger issues from arising.
    • Our full-service calibration should be undertaken after completing 10,000 splices or after 3 years. Our newest product fusion splicers will remind you once you reach one of these two milestones.
• Where can I find a service centre for fusion splicer repair and maintenance?
    • Our primary EMEA service support centre is in our office in Elstree, north of London.
    • Many of our distributors have been trained and authorised by us to service and repair Sumitomo fusion splicers and accessories.
    • To find our authorised fusion splicer service and repair centres, please Click Here.
• Can I use a splicer continuously for long hours?
    • There is no problem to use it for long hours. However, it is recommended to operate it with AC power.
• Can I use other manufacturers’ fibre holders with Sumitomo Electric splicers?
    • Generally, fibre holders are not cross compatible between different brands of splicers. If you do find pattern fibre holders which fit onto a Sumitomo splicer, using them may degrade the splice performance and invalidate the warranty.
• What if I make a splice in a higher or lower temperature than the one described in the specification?
    • The splicer can operate over a wide range of temperature, atmospheric pressure and humidity.
    • In most AUTO splice programmes, the splicer automatically compensates for variations in these parameters.
    • The splicers also have an Arc Test function which should be used if there is a step change in the operating environment or as an initial action, if you suspect any degradation in splicer quality.